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“This is a fantastic tool for getting your daily workouts in! I have been using Melissa Wood’s workouts while traveling and I’m loving them. They are between 15-45 mins that focus on all areas of the body. This app makes it super convenient so there is no excuse to skip a workout. I only wish I downloaded this sooner!!! I mean... you’ve got your workout buddy and can turn any place into a gym. A total win!”



“I hate working out most of the time but I can’t seem to talk myself out of 20 minutes with Melissa Wood! Now I work out with Fitner almost every day! Could not recommend this app enough"



It’s turned boring uninspired gym sessions into well thought out planned daily challenges that always keep me on my toes. The results are clearly visible after a fortnight, both in my flexibility, physique and levels of motivation. Especially check out Don Saladino. The man is a beast, pushing you to work harder than you think you can. Plus he’ll always take the time to personally answer your fitness related questions. Not bad for the price really.

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