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Share your passion with thousands of people around the world who are looking for better health. Earn money for every subscriber!


Who can have a Fitner channel?
Fitner is for individuals who can demonstrate they have a passion for leading people to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Categories include (but are not limited to): athletes, trainers, yogis, nutritionists, mindfulness instructors, physical therapists, coaches, wellness professionals, influencers, etc.

What do people use Fitner for?
Many partners on our platform have turned instructing on Fitner into a large and consistent part on their income stream. Some have gone as far as to quit their day jobs to pursue a digital business full time while others simply use Fitner to supplement their current careers or provide a digital solution to their existing clients. We also have many members who are new to digital and utilize us as their first step. Needless to say, the opportunities are endless!

Why Fitner?
We have specifically optimized our software applications and training to help you grow your digital business month after month! You will find the simplicity and quality of our technology is unparalleled.
Most importantly, we’re deeply committed to your customers satisfaction. We’re relentlessly focused on listening to your customers’ needs and constantly adapting the product to them. We’re here to help you build a genuine emotional connection with your customers...because...well, we think they deserve it!

What can I sell on Fitner?
Currently, Fitner is utilized to share and monetize your week to week workouts, nutrition, wellness expertise, etc. We will be offering additional products you can sell in the near future. 

How do I grow my Fitner channel?
We offer plenty of resources on how to best grow your online business. No matter what your incentive is for becoming a Fitner partner, you can strengthen your personal brand and grow a following around your channel by publishing new digital content on a regular basis. In other words, the more you invest into the platform the more you’ll get out of it! 

Is the app available on Android?
Unfortunately, the app isn’t quite ready to crush the world of Android users just yet. Our developers are working very hard to make this a reality for you and your followers in the near future. Stay tuned!

How do I get paid? 
Fitner offers a subscription model to its customers. Subscribers get to choose which partner they want to work with and then our software rewards the partner based on their total number of subscribers with a check at the end of each month. The more subscribers that follow your channel, the more money you make!

What happens after I apply?
You get added to our waitlist and we will follow up with you as soon as we can! We’re doing our best to make sure every new member has a great experience while juggling the demand for the platform. Tag us on Instagram or other social channels and get our attention there as well! 



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