How the consumer app works


The consumer app is optimized to help you build a stable digital income. In order to keep customers paying every month, we built the app to cater to a few specific consumer characteristics. 


Humans are novelty-driven creatures. We’re programmed to constantly want new things - clothes, TV shows, activities, experiences, etc.  We’ll buy the new popular book over the older classic one any day. 

Because novelty is so important, we rigged your Channel on the Consumer App to only give subscribers your last 10 pieces of content (workouts, nutrition, meditation, etc). When you publish a new one, the 10th oldest expires and gets saved in the Partner App for you. 

This dynamic creates the feeling that consumers are getting something fresh and new each week. It's also a big part of the reason why they'll keep their subscription!

Scarcity (fear of missing out)

Scarcity plays right off novelty. Consumers love new things and conversely, hate missing out.

This again, is why we have the “expiring content”. Consumers must maintain their subscription in order to avoid missing out on your future content.

Sense of belonging
Community is the X factor and those who are the best at building it, reap the biggest rewards. As new technology develops, we will continue to give you the best resources to grow your online community!

Fitner makes it easier than ever to increase community engagement
Our app is built specifically to encourage your customers to engage with you. When they see that you are replying and interacting a “light” turns on for them. “Oh wow, this person actually cares about me and my journey!” This type of engagement turns your subscribers into fans and your fans into ambassadors. Over time, your fans and ambassadors make up your community.

It goes without saying, community building is the single most valuable thing you can do online. You should always:

  • Ask people for feedback
  • Listen to their feedback
  • Adapt your content accordingly

Other parts of the Consumer App

Insights: This is where you can share content that is static - it lives here forever! If you want to know how to create Insight content check here.

Insights are for content that relates to your personal brand and lifestyle. We recommend uploading weekly insights to your Channel to provide the most value to your customer!

Examples of insight categories include:

  • Nutrition
  • Routines
  • Recovery 
  • Sleep
  • Beauty
  • Productivity