What is required to go live?

What is going live? 
Going live is our way of saying that your Channel is accessible to the public. Before you can go live, your Channel will be "hidden" to your audience so that you can complete your profile and upload content. Once that's done, you're ready to go live and start earning a monthly income!

Your "go live" criteria can be broken down into two steps.

#1 - Fill out your profile


If you need a reminder of what goes into your profile, check out this article here. You're profile must be 100% complete before your customers can begin subscribing to your Channel!

#2 -  Publish at least 5 pieces of content (4 regular, 1 free)


You need to create 5 pieces of content (workouts, meditation, nutrition, lesson, class, etc.) before we can publish your Channel to our audience. 5 is important for a few reasons. 

  • We need you to demonstrate that you can create valuable content so you can be as successful as possible. As you start creating content, we will be here to answer your questions, provide feedback and any additional training you might need. 
  • We want your customer to have the best experience. The more content they have access to as you get started, the better they can get to know you and everything your Channel has to offer!
  • We want your users to feel like they are getting value for their money. When your users get started they get a 7-week free trial. You want them to feel they are getting a lot of value in that first week so they commit to paying the $10/month subscription. 
  • The free workout is essential to users browsing the platform. Plenty of people try out a free workout before starting their free trial. You want them to get a taste of what you are about so that they start their trial with your Channel!

If you need any help on creating content, here are additional resources: 
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