The Blueprint for Digital Success: Your Digital Checklist


The key to digital is adopting a consistent base game plan and building on top of that game plan week after week. 

Base Game Plan:

  • Come up with your brand messaging across social platforms 
  • Pick the 1-2 main places where you are going to create marketing content: Instagram, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc 
  • Decide how frequently you're going to post content to your social media > stick with it and stay consistent
  • Adopt a strategy for how you are going to engage with your audience: 
    • Reposting on Instagram posts and stories 
    • Responding to comments in your feeds 
    • Writing personal emails 
  • Come up with a schedule for how frequently you are going to publish health, wellness and fitness content to your Channel
    • Every Monday and Thursday 
  • Come up with a schedule for how you are going to engaging with your customers around your channel 
    • Mentions in Stories 
    • Telling the benefits of the content
    • Motivating, interacting, providing comedy, etc. 

Phase 1 - Legitimizing Your Business:

  • Adopt a hashtag strategy to get your followers to start tagging you in the content > make sure to repost 
  • Study and start implementing the key sales and marketing tactics: 
    • Social proof - customer before and after pics and testimonials on your social media and website 
    • Novelty - learn to adapt your content to the season, current events, and publish consistently fresh content 
  • Grow your reach 
    • Expand your Instagram, Facebook or Youtube by studying and implementing best practices 
    • Publish content to additional platforms - go from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook 

 Phase 2 - Going Pro: 

  • Try to find an intern or part-time friend to help you scale your digital 
  • You should be able to teach people social media  and content creation best practices by this point 
  • Pursue business development to grow your reach: 
    • Go on podcasts 
    • Go on blogs and websites 
    • Partner with local business and brands to do social media events 
  • Test $5-$10 per day in marketing spent

Phase 3 - More To Come!

Stay tuned!