Insights - How to use it


What are 'Insights':
'Insights' are a new feature in the Consumer App that gives subscribers an exclusive look into your best practices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While we continue to build out the functionality of the Partner App, you can send your weekly insights to our team, and we'll upload them for you!

Why share your insights?:
We built the 'Insights ' tab with your customers in mind! "Health and Fitness” is so much more than workouts - it’s what you eat, how you recover, how much you sleep, how you minimize stress, lifestyle tips, beauty tips, productivity, etc. Consumers love learning about all of the ways you stay healthy so the more you share, the better!

How does Insights work?:
Insights are essentially Youtube videos that you share exclusively to your Playbook subscribers. Its simple, you come up with the video(s) you want to share and send it to us! We'll upload it to your Insights channel. FYI - we will give you the ability to do it yourself soon! 

Upload the video to Youtube as “Unlisted” and then email or text to Jeff Krahel: or 347-913-2586. 

What should go into your insights?:
Think about all the things that go into a healthy lifestyle - exercising, recovery, mindfulness, nutrition, family & relationships, sleep, productivity and so much more. Sharing your insights is another way for you to provide value to your subscribers and get them hooked on your Channel for the long run! 

Record videos that are 2-5 mins in length (consumers do not love to watch long videos unless they are action backed with value)