The Nutrition & Product Template


The product and nutrition template can be used as an addition to the workouts you are creating and will appear inside the workout itself. Let's say you want to let your subscribers know what you eat/drink before and after a workout. Or maybe you want to promote the apparel you are wearing during a yoga series. The product and nutrition template is the tool for you.

Follow these 3 steps to add a product to your workouts.

Step 1 - Add Video

  • The video can be up to 30 seconds
  • The video is running on loop inside the app 

Step 2 - Add Image (optional)

  • This image will be used as your thumbnail picture
  • Adding a picture improves the display in the consumer app
  • It will be cropped to square in the partner app

Step 3 - Enter Details

  1. Title - Let them know if you have a code or discount in the description
  2. Description - Include any promo codes you have and instructions on how to use them
  3. Paste - Where you can drop a link (a customized link if you have one) for the product to be purchased so your subscribers can buy the product and you can get the affiliate sale!