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Recurring revenue

Your clients, fans and followers pay you a monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive access to your weekly workouts and healthy insights.


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Our tools and services make it seamless to manage, promote and grow your business. Create the content you want. No strings attached.

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We have dedicated an entire team of experts along with great training materials to make sure you have the best conditions to create your future within health & fitness.


Meet some Fitner Creators

Many creators are already sharing their healthiest content on the Fitner platform


Melissa Wood

Health & Wellness Expert

"Sharing my workouts and connecting with people all over the world has ignited a passion within that I didn’t know existed before Fitner. It also allowed me to build a digital income that has become more successful than I could have ever anticipated."

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Christian Plascencia

Onnit Academy & Mobility Specialist

"I was surprised to see how easy Fitner made it for me to share my teaching with today's digital consumer. I have customers all over the world through a simple to use business in my pocket!"


Don Saladino

Celebrity Trainer & Owner of Drive495

"To me, Fitner is the future of the digital health & wellness. It's seamless for me to create and share my expertise with my fans and followers while building a stable income. My celebrity clients love it as well. It's so easy for them when traveling!"

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