What does $25k per month get you + other easy to do growth strategies!

VaynerMedia, a company founded and driven by social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk, is one of the top digital media agencies in the world. They do $100 million a year in sales and execute the social media platforms of some of the biggest companies in the world (do Budweiser and Coke ring a bell?). They also have a professional service for top celebrities, athletes and other high profile individuals called “Vayner Talent."

Vayner Talent is a great division to study because they are responsible for growing individual brands for $25k per month or $300k per year. Many of the tactics they use with their clients' $25k are easily to study, create and implement for ourselves--especially with an intern. Read about their service here. Here is what they say: 

Starting at $25k a month, our clients can expect a full 2017 blueprint on how to build awareness around their talents, passions, stories, and skills that creates endless business opportunities. Clients can also expect a signature piece of pillar content, like a podcast, web show, or a vlog, and enormous amounts of quality written, video, and image content combined with social growth strategies, analytics, and insights for the most relevant platforms and audiences. Over a two to three year period of time, this will build enormous leverage for much bigger financial upside in the ways to monetize a personality. This can include anything from selling merchandise to networking new business opportunities
— Vayner Talent

So what does $25,000 per month get you and why do they do it?

  • Video series - Two 20 minute video series for Facebook, Youtube and Instagram 
  • Articles from the videos 
  • Images and videos for social media 

Wait what? What is that again?
For $25,000 per month, they turn you into a professional content creator and customer engagement expert. Here is the name of the game for building a digital business. 

  • Put out consistent content week after week to give value to an audience 
  • Grow your distribution by posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, etc. 
  • Build a team behind you to help you do more faster with better quality 
  • Become obsessive about engaging with your audience 

Here Is A List Of  Things You Can Do To Grow Your Business:

  • Define your brand, adopt a hashtag, and figure out a posting schedule 


  • Post to Instagram 2-4x per day 
  • Adopt an Instagram hashtag strategy 
  • Reply and comment back to everyone on each one of your Instagram posts 
  • Repost people who are your customer and who tag you in Instagram posts and stories 
  • Learn how to find customers using hashtags 
  • Tag feeder accounts on Instagram - accounts that repost people in your category
  • Post heavily around the key themes - holidays #christmasmeditation, concerts #coachellabody, etc 

Customer Strategies: 

  • Post testimonials and recommendations and progress pictures 
  • Run contests and promotions 
  • Do live Q&As once per week 

Post your content on the key platforms to grow your distribution: 

  •  Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Email

Leverage friends

  • Invite friends into your social and workout content - they can post and share each others followers 
  • Interview friends in videos

Business development

  • Guest appear on Podcast - grab the podcasters audience to become your followers
  • Guest appear on blogs - grab the bloggers audience to become your followers
  • Guest appear on Vlogs - grab the Vloggers audience to become your followers
  • Interview cool people on your social, youtube or app 
  • Befriend writers for magazines and blogs “hey, if you ever need a story, here is what I’m an expert in and have great stories around..”

Brand partnerships

  • Do live workouts or cooking, etc on a brand’s social and facebook page 
  • Teach at corporations - have them send around an email to sign up 


  • Start a show 

Test paid ads

  •  Run $5-$10 a day and see what ads perform the best > run the ads that work the best for a month or so (very easy to do on Instagram) 

There are dozens of different tactics you can do to grow your digital business. The hardest part is taking the time to get started and then staying consistent. There has really never been a better time in history to be an entrepreneur!