The Exercise Template


Step 1 - Record Your Exercise Video:

  • Exercise videos can be up to 30 seconds long
  • If you record through the partner app, you have the option to trim the video 
  • The videos are running on loop inside the app so you only need to show one or two examples of the movement or training

Ways you can record the video: 

  • Ask a friend to record you
  • Place your phone against the wall, in a shoe, on a towel and trim it after
  • Buy a cheap tripod and make sure to get a Bluetooth remote for just $6

Step 2 - Title, Description, and Duration

  1. Title - 2-5 words is perfect. Make it punchy and something people want to use! And yes, you can use emojis in your fact, it's encouraged!
  2. Description - You do not want to write too much and people do not want to read too much. With that said, descriptions matter and can clarify any complexity or specific instructions. Include essential details that may not be picked up in the video. Remember, everything saves in your library so you will not have to enter a description next time! 
  3. Duration - Assign any unit of measure to your content. If we do not have a unit of measure that you use, let us know and we'll make sure to add it for you! 
  4. Save - Once you are set, hit “save," then click "yes" if you'd like to save it to your library, and keep going!